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The Intergalactic Academy is thrilled to be your source of information about recent and upcoming releases in the world of young adult science fiction. You can trust us to give you the real deal. We aim to be honest but fair in our reviews and we comply with FTC guidelines regarding the sources of materials for review. We hope that our reviews will be a valuable resource to the SF and YA communities.

All of our reviews follow the format below:

Preliminary Scan: A brief synopsis of the novel’s plot.

Atmospheric Analysis: Discussion of the book’s cover.

Planetary Class: To what subgenre of science fiction does the novel belong?

Mohs Rating: Based on this scale, on a scale of 1-6 how “hard” or “soft” is the sci-fi in this novel?

Planetary Viability: A discussion of the novel’s worldbuilding.

Xenolinguistical Assessment: A discussion on the use of language in the book.

Expanded Report: An expanded (500-800 word) review of the novel.

Update: January 2013

The Intergalactic Academy is currently closed. We are no longer accepting review titles.

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Many of the books we review were donated for review purposes by the author or publisher. We are not paid for reviews (positive or otherwise) and you can be sure that the opinions stated here are our own.

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