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A goodreads screen capture, because I forgot to take a photo of my local bookshop's YA section.

Phoebe is out in the boonies with limited internet connectivity, to it’s going to be all Sean, all the time for the next week or so. You know what that means – opinion pieces!  Let’s all argue about genre for a while. I reviewed Midnight City by J. Barton Mitchell last Sunday, but I neglected to mention […] More »

Author Photo

It feels like I have always been obsessed with the concept of time travel, though I can probably trace it back to one specific source: The Terminator. I remember watching the movie as a child, and though I wasn’t a huge fan of Arnold or robots from the future, I could not get enough of the time travel […] More »

Screen Shot 2012-08-15 at 14.10.19

I was supposed to do an Animorphs post today, but then I realised that I don’t feel like reading a book where the Animorphs travel through time, cross the Delaware and meet Hitler. So instead you’re getting another entry in my wildly popular widely read well-known currently extant ‘Your Science Might Be Terrible If’ series, in […] More »


I was lucky enough to stumble across the movie Attack the Block the other day while reading blog posts by Film Crit Hulk. You may have missed this film, as I did, when it was first released. Not only was it given only a limited release in the US, but it came out the Summer of […] More »

Phoebe North & Intergalactic Academy Reader Tarah Dunn trapped in a very effective ad.

Earlier this month, I attended BookExpoAmerica on behalf of the Intergalactic Academy. I was quite excited this year–the catalog of YA SF titles that publishers were offering up promised to be wide, and two of the titles featured on the YA Buzz panel–Genn Albin’s Crewel and Kat Zhang’s What’s Left of Me–were of a science fictional bent. […] More »


Greetings space cadets On Tuesday, hundreds of publishing professionals (myself included) will descend upon NYC’s Javits Center like a dorky, bookish plague for Book Expo America. There will be loads of review books appealing to sci-fi fans of every stripe, and if anyone doubts that genre is alive and kicking for teens, hopefully a glance […] More »

"Ahead of its time since 1979!"

I’m back, and I’m as anal-retentive about science fiction as ever! Space is the final frontier a popular setting for SF, with good reason. Now that James Cameron has been to the bottom of the ocean, space is the only setting where we could run in to alien artifacts or extinct civilizations or giant crystalline […] More »

This post brought to you in conjunction with Phoebe, who is both a YA author and a moon of Saturn.

My name is Sean Wills, and I’m here to convince you to set your next YA science fiction novel somewhere other than Earth! By the time I’m finished, you’ll see the value in choosing an extra-terrestrial planet, moon, orbital colony or generation ship as the setting for your magnum opus. I can see that you’re skeptical, […] More »

If I remember correctly, this (along with the full word 'Animorphs' in the same style) became the de facto logo for the entire franchise.

If this is your first time dipping into the Animorphs Re-Read, I strongly suggest you head back to the beginning and start there unless you’re already familiar with the books. Alternatively, check out the Animorphs Re-Read tag page for a list of every post in the series. Wait, there are more episodes? Yes, there are more episodes. Lots more, […] More »


Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the first edition of the Intergalactic Academy’s Trend Forecast! On this dreary spring day, we’re looking toward summer–where there seems to be a heat wave of YA sci-fi thrillers bubbling on the horizon. These titles have a strong emphasis on action; they’d be right at home on a movie […] More »


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