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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

by ◊ 1 year ago 25 Comments Switch View



After 80 reviews, 56 recaps, and countless articles, comments, and debates, the Intergalactic Academy is closing up shop.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make–the Academy is close to both of our hearts. But both Sean and I are too danged busy right now to keep up with regular blogging, and with career changes, books, queries, and edits looming, we figure it’s best to quit while we’re ahead.

It’s a sad day, but a proud one, too. When we started this site in 2011, we set out to prove that young adult science fiction is a thriving genre, contrary to industry pronouncements of gloom and doom. What we found surprised even us. Week after week, our mailbox was flooded with wonderful books, novels which explored cloning, space travel, UFOs, GMOs, cryopods, and, best of all, aliens. For every title we reviewed, there were two we didn’t. Take it from me, someone who has seen the breadth of the genre: YA sci-fi is alive and kicking in 2013.

The site will remain online for reference and nostalgia purposes, though if you want to get in touch with either me or Sean, you’d best look elsewhere. Sean can be found, as always, on his website, I’ll be selectively reviewing books on goodreads and for the speculative fiction site Strange Horizons, as well as blogging for YA Highway and my own site, And of course, my first book comes out on July 23, 2013 with Simon and Schuster. Be on the look out for Starglass, as well as various Starglass-related guest¬†posts around the web in the coming months.

Thank you for everything–live long, and prosper, too.

About the Author


Phoebe North is a twenty-something writer of YA speculative fiction. She lives in New York State with her husband and cat (who may be the most intelligent being in her household). Visit her website at View all posts by Phoebe »

Discussion - 25 Comments:

  1. Can I fully respect your decision and still scream “Nooooooo!”? :)

    I will miss this site and your reviews, but I wish you both the best going forward. Thanks for shining a light on SF.


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    • Phoebe

      Of course, we’re doing a bit of the same! We’ve loved having the support of so many authors and readers and hope we can continue to be a part of the vibrant YA SF world in the future. :)

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  2. [vader] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [/vader]

    Aw, this is bittersweet. Congrats to both of you on your personal success and busy-ness. But I’m sad to see IA end.

    If you guys ever consider handing the reins over to someone, please let us know. I’m a YA SF writer and I’d love to see this site continue.

    All the best to both of you.

    Reply Quote

    • Phoebe

      Thanks so much, Leah. Since the site was definitely our baby, I’m not sure that we’d ever turn it over–but we fully support other authors starting their own sites! We’d gladly read them, too. :)

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  3. Oh no! I’m so sad. I found so many great YA sci-fi books on here and I hoped that one day you would be reviewing mine. But I wish you both the best of luck, and I can’t wait to read Starglass!

    Reply Quote

    • Phoebe

      Thank you so much for your support, Elizabeth! We’re sad, too, but so happy to hear that the site was helpful for our readers. :}

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  4. eNVee:D

    Very sad, but glad it’s because of your successes! I loved reading the reviews and, of course, my favorite being the Animorphs recaps, I will miss the nostalgia!
    Good luck to you and Sean, I will definitely be checking out your book later this year!

    Oh, and question: did you guys disable the comments for the other posts? If so, I’ll miss the debates, too. :(

    Reply Quote

    • Phoebe

      I closed old posts to comments because I’ve learned from past experiences that defunct blogs are magnets for spam :( But we’re always happy to debate and discuss on twitter, too! Feel free to chat up either of us, k? :)

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  5. Sadface! I’ve loved the Space Cases recaps! That’s okay, though; I understand. I wish you all the best!

    Reply Quote

    • Phoebe

      Thank you so much, Leah! If I find more time in the future, I might pick up the Space Cases recaps on my own site. We’ll see–these days, it’s busy busy busy though. :(

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  6. Andrea

    Best of luck to both of you! I’m sorry to see the site go.

    Reply Quote

  7. Kara

    Very sad but understandable. I enjoyed the recaps on Space Cases and Animorphs especially, because those were TV shows and books I grew up with (and it was great to know there were other SC fans out there that loved and enjoyed the show as much as I did and still do :)) Good luck to both of you!

    Reply Quote

    • Phoebe

      Thanks so much, Kara! Space Cases and Animorphs will ALWAYS be in our hearts.

      Reply Quote

  8. Hugs to you, old friends. I sure understand about being busy.

    But how wonderful to think there’s just too damn much SF for you two to keep up with all of it! At least this blog didn’t suffer from lack of material. And if what you do next is actively increase the amount of good SF out there, well, we REALLY can’t complain about that!

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  9. Aaaaw, so bummed to hear this :( I don’t comment much, but I always loved to stop by and see what you guys were reading. Your reviews are wonderful. I’ll be keeping an eye on both of you on Goodreads ;)

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    • Phoebe

      Awww, thanks Steph. We worked hard on them and it’s so encouraging to hear that the reviews were helpful to you!

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  10. Alexa

    What a shame, but I understand, and hope your busy-ness comes in the form of great and wonderful things. Thanks to both of you guys for doing such great work here. I didn’t comment that much, but I was always excited to see new posts and reviews. Good luck!

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  11. Lamusiqe13

    Goodbye, IGA. I’ll miss the great reviews, the Animorphs recaps, and the opinion pieces. (Especially the Animorphs part.) It really is a shame, but I’m glad that you guys (and me, sorta) got something important out of it.

    (Also, you’ll NEVER GET MY FISH! THEY ARE MINE!)

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  12. Julia K

    I’m sad to see this go. Found a bunch of great books on here, won a few- it’s been fun.

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  13. Tobias Skywalker

    JUST MY LUCK >:(

    to discover this AFTER it’s over and done with o.O >.<


    i commented…on…um…all of them. :3

    Someone here REALLY needs to find me! :P
    Matthew James Ferrantino on Facebook

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